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 Automotive PVB film    


We can produce the specification according to your special request


Every layer of PVB film rolls should be separated by PE film and vacuumed by aluminum foil, and put into wooden cases. The finished qualified product should be enclosed with the conformity certification, quality feedback card, and  packing list, etc.


Avoid exposing to the sun and rain and vigorous shaking during transportation.


The  product should be stocked in a clean warehouse and normal temperature. It is prohibited to leave it under direct sunlight. Once the packing is broken or opened, it should be stocked under temperature  of 20℃±5 and in a relative humidity of 20%-40%.

Guarantee period

If well-packaged and under the normal temperature, the product has a quality guarantee
of 2 years

Technical Parameter

PVB film with topshade(green,blue)

PVB film is a macromolecule material molded by polyvinyl butyral resin that is   
plastificated and extruded by plasticity DHA. PVB film, with the excellent light
transparent performance, heat resisting and cold-resisting, elasticity, is well-sticking to
inorganic glass and becoming the best gluey material in the world of making laminated
safety glass at present

Width of PVB film as per your request

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